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Weighted Past

I have been carrying the weight of my past

It’s embedded in my thighs

Trapped around my waist

Causing the early aging on my face

It’s the pain of the past curled in a fist full of candy

Comforted by those unneeded carbohydrates

Leaving me feeling guilty and unloved

It’s cramming down the fears

Feeding my despair attempting to avoid my internal dissatisfaction

One piece at a time

I’ve been stuffing my pain in the late of nights and in the hard winters

Punishing my body for personal failures

Fighting the urges to give into empty cravings

Mindless consumption

Telling myself I can do better tomorrow but tomorrow never comes

So I stash and hide my secret addiction

Thinking that having it close will reduce the desire

Instead it only fuels the need to self-sabotage

Keep me unhealthy

It’s not the food I’m eating

It’s the stress, left over pain, 

a broken heart and unresolved emotions cloaked in food

One more chip of sorrow

A slice of self-pity and unconscious binge

Only to end with “damn not again” .......Continue........New Book Coming Soon

Discoverying Mahogany


Cracked Mirror Workshop is design to expose the core beliefs behind negative perceptions of self

 I’m a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. My workshops are a product of my creative skills as well as passion for human expansion and growth. Each workshop is designed to awaken the soul's passions and purpose. Individuals are given an opportunity to discover themselves through group discussions, introspective writing assessments and interactive activities 

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  Poetry is the extension of my soul’s emotions spilling into my pen's ink and spreading across the pages of my world. Each poem represents the expression of a moment described in words and phrases. I use my poetry to heal and communicate what my heart is yearning to articulate. 

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  Soul of Mahogany was designed to inspire and uplift. Its the expression of my soul through poetry and affirmations. Whether my voice comes through print or spoken word, my purpose is to shift the consciousness of those lives I impact. Speaking Engagement opportunities. 

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My story is influenced by the stories of others.  My experienced in living through the pages.

My story is influenced by the stories of others.  My experienced in living through the pages.

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 Soul of Mahogany are raw emotions. Verbally expressed immortalized in poetry

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